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Making compost at home is a cheap and simple way to boost your soil and give your precious plants all the nutrients they need to grow big and healthy.

Getting the right mix of green and brown materials is the key to great compost. You can use kitchen waste, grass cuttings, leaves, shredded newspapers and even coffee grounds. One other unexpected, and highly beneficial ingredients, you can add to a homemade compost pile is human urine.

Many may turn their nose at the thought of being able to put urine on compost, but it is a great source of nitrogen and can even speed up the decomposition process of your compost. Also it is readily-available, free, and incredibly easy to add to any compost heap.

A homemade wooden compost heap full of vegetables and garden waste

Good compost needs the right mix of nitrogen-rich and carbon-rich ingredients

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Drew Swainston

Drew is a former professional gardener who worked primarily for the National Trust in the UK, along with spending time in productive kitchen gardens. Composting was always important in the places he worked at and each had bays to produce their own compost in-house for use around the gardens.

Benefits of urine on compost