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Paint by numbers is a form of entertainment where the goal is to paint a previously drawn sketch on a canvas. The specificity of this painting is that it includes numbers that correspond to different colors. This feature makes painting more accessible, especially for those who want to start with this art form. Here is what you need to know to create your first paint by numbers.

Finding inspiration for your Paint by Numbers

To facilitate your introduction to the art of paint by numbers, you should start with drawings that you enjoy and that stimulate your creativity. Thus, it is important to choose the theme on which you want to paint. There are a multitude of paint by numbers and, therefore, many themes to choose from.

Paint by numbers Landscapes

For nature lovers, this theme is the perfect option. The earth is full of countless beautiful landscapes that you can try to reproduce with paint by numbers. From images of the sea, fields in the countryside, to landscapes filled with mountains, it’s up to you to choose what you want to draw. For a start, try painting rivers, coastal cities, snow-covered mountains, and many other captivating places.

Paint by numbers Flowers

In addition to landscapes, flowers are also an interesting option for starting with paint by numbers. They are particularly easy to reproduce. This offers you the opportunity to create beautiful paintings by painting beautiful roses, lovely bouquets, and several other original floral representations.

With numbered painting, painting becomes easier thanks to the guided method. You just have to follow each step to get stunning work. Depending on your preferences, you can choose other themes such as animals, cities, dance, etc.

Selecting the right level of difficulty

Paint by numbers generally has three levels of difficulty: easy, medium or intermediate, and complex. As a beginner, it is recommended to always start with the easy level, especially for your first two or three paintings. By doing so, you will gradually adapt to this type of painting. Once you have acquired the basics, you can move on to the intermediate level and then finish with the complex level. At this stage, you will be able to create works worthy of a renowned artist.

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The advantages of painting by numbers

In addition to being a fun activity, paint by numbers offers many benefits to those who practice it.

Reducing stress and anxiety

Numbered painting is an excellent remedy for combating stress. Indeed, by painting in peace and serenity, your mind is freed from any negative thoughts. By requiring total concentration, this art manages to make your doubts and anxieties disappear.

Unleashing creativity and relaxation

Numbered painting is also known for developing the sense of creativity in both children and adults. It encourages overflowing imagination. Starting from an imposed sketch, you can then personalize your work by playing with colors and shapes. If you previously had difficulties with classical painting, numbered painting is the ideal solution to improve your level.