This 1990s home is full of eclectic and charming surprises |

This house on Long Island, NY, is in an enviable location, with views of the ocean and harbor across a lushly planted backyard. The property itself, however, was nothing special. A 1990s build, of fairly modest proportions it was tired and dated when the new owners took it on. It was full of elaborate moldings and wallpapers and it felt cluttered.

A recent redesign has reinvented the space and the house is now much more comfortable in its skin, with eclectic and whimsical elements that really bring it to life. It serves as a backdrop for an impressive art collection, and its artist owner often uses it as a gallery space. Its transformation took inspiration from some of the great figures in art, design and literature, and the results put the Long Island house among the world’s best homes. The designers responsible for the new look, Thomas Jayne and William Cullum of Jayne Design Studio (opens in new tab)agreed to show us round and share some of their design surprises.

hall with open door to garden and patchwork rug

(Image credit: Don Freeman)

These were the designers’ starting points: ‘The house was built in a vaguely Queen Anne style – red brick with shingles, a few classical motifs, and the eyebrow dormer on the front façade and turret off the back are Victorian references. We really ran with that idea, infusing the interior of the house with lots of Victorian and Arts & Crafts elements,’ says senior designer William Cullum.