Teal Tile and a Curbless Shower

Before: This photo was taken during the tiling phase of construction. The flooring is a large-format ceramic tile in white. It’s from the R-Evolution line by Ceragres, which has a modern cement look. The tile appears to extend seamlessly from the bathroom floor onto the shower floor. This was tricky, because there are some seams. “One of the biggest challenges here was what we call ‘bending the tile’ from the flat area around the toilet to the sloped floor inside the shower,” Simpson says. “While we don’t literally bend it, we have to make cuts in the tile between the flat and sloped floors while still giving it a continuous look.”

In this photo, the foot is pointing toward these cuts in the floor tile, which were later covered by the shower’s glass enclosure. This clever cutting gives the tile a continuous look through the room into the shower stall.

Grout: 77 Frost, Mapei