New Series Alert: Get The Look For Less – Emily’s Glendale Living Room

Do you have a favorite room on the internet? If so, have you ever wanted to replicate it, even slightly, so your home can feel the way you feel when you look at that photo? I think we design enthusiasts all suffer from a little design envy. We are bombarded with perfectly styled rooms daily which can be inspiring but perhaps at times, a little disheartening. I have definitely asked myself, “Why can’t my home look like that?” too many times to count which is of course AMAZING for my mental health :). If you have ever felt that way, now you know you are not alone.

If you’ve been following Emily for a while you probably recognized the above living room immediately. It is Emily’s Glendale home living room and one of it’s those spaces that is warm, calm, and inviting while still being eclectic and fun. It has been an EHD favorite for years and years and it’s not hard to see why. So today’s post is for anyone who has ever wanted to shop straight from this room – but on a budget. We scoured the internet for similar pieces that are also affordable so you can essentially replicate this exact room if you so please. Ready to see what’s in store?

Before we get to the shopping portion of this post, I think it is important to dissect what makes this living room so successful. The white walls and wood flooring lay a light, warm base for the furniture to remain neutral and inviting. In addition, with the focal point being this large natural and rustic-looking stone fireplace, the space could easily become overwhelming or confusing with brightly patterned furniture. To create a cohesive space, the furniture pieces are variations of gray, wood, and leather (but all have special details so they are anything but boring). With light tonal furniture in place, there is so much room for color and pattern to be layered in.

This living room is one of the best examples of mixing styles by sticking to a consistent and cohesive color palette. The colors are gray, blue, navy, white, and wood, with some hints of lighter-toned pinks and even some green and light coral accents. And you might notice that there are many different shades of blues and even pinks and that’s okay, because they are all tonal and calm. A bright pink pillow might look out of place, but a light and calm pink blends in effortlessly. The clean lines and neutral gray tone of the MCM-inspired sectional allow for ample color and pattern to be layered in with pillows and throws, in a way that is not visually overwhelming. While we are on the subject of sofa styling, always remember to mix different sizes, shapes, textures, patterns, and styles (again, in the same color palette).

You may have also noticed that the furniture styles are quite different. The sofa leans MCM, the vintage chair is more bohemian, the coffee table is rustic, and there is even a modern side table to top it all off. The key, as I said above, is that they are all neutral, inviting, and within the color palette so they don’t clash with each other. Instead, the mix of styles provides visual interest and personality to the space.

With all of these elements backed by gorgeous natural lighting, the result is an uber-inviting, warm, and lived-in room that has a ton of style.

Now are you ready to get the look?

1. Oliver 2-Piece Chaise Sectional: This is a great, affordable, and comfortable 2-piece chaise sectional that is 79″ wide. If you are looking for one a little bigger, we also love this one (that’s 112″ wide). If your budget allows, the original Burrand sectional Emily used is also still available!
2. Handmade Studio Leather Dorotheia Modern Leather Rug: This textural hide rug with scallop detail looks almost identical to the original one Emily used and comes in various sizes (the largest being 8’x10′).
3. Mid-Century Modern Walnut Dining Chair: This wood and gray dining chair could be a great accent chair for a small space.
4. Live Edge Coffee Table: Especially when mixed with straight Mid Century Modern lines, a live edge coffee table brings movement and warmth to a space.
5. Morrocan Pouf: This classic Morrocan pouf instantly adds a bohemian vibe.
6. Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant in Pot: Fiddle leaf plants add so much vibrancy and movement to a room.
7. Bianca Striped Seagrass Tote Basket: We love putting potted plants in woven baskets for added warmth and texture.
8. Marla Vegan Leather Armchair: While Emily’s vintage safari chairs are obviously awesome, this vegan leather armchair is a great alternative (and also comes in black).
9. Marble Pedestal End Table: This black and marble side table brings in just the right amount of modern flair.
10. Grady 6 – Drawer Dresser: Adding a dresser to your living space provides extra storage and can exude a very relaxed and welcoming feel. Plus it’s a great place to display vases or other accessories.

1. Cozy Teddy Faux Fur Oversized Pillow Cover: This 30″x30″ boucle pillow cover would be a great companion to a gray sectional sofa.
2. Blue And Ivory Geometric Indoor Outdoor Throw Pillow: This blue patterned pillow is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
3. Global Tufted Throw Blanket with Tassels: This is a nice, large (60″x80″), and affordable blanket with a lovely texture – not to mention it’s almost identical to the one in the Glendale living room.
4. Yucatan Terracotta Stripe Euro Sham: I love how Emily added so many colors to this room using throw pillows. This white and coral sham has such a pretty pattern and the soft orange hue blends beautifully with the blue, green, and pink colors throughout the space.
5. Vintage Blimp Aircraft Illustration Digital Art: Emily’s blimp art is an iconic piece that works with so many styles. If you are into the vintage drawing style art, this is a very cool one but please note it is a digital print so you would need to have it printed 🙂
6. Custom Frame: Once you have your art printed, you are going to need it framed. We love Framebridge for their quality and service.
7. Wood Coat Hooks: These wood coat hooks which are also perfect for hanging things like ceramic bells, will bring a warm, MCM flair to any space.
8. Stripy Ceramic Bell: We are forever fans of MQuan’s ceramic bells but if they’re out of your budget, these are great.
9. Pettini Vase: This is such a pretty vase that would add texture, movement, and color to your space.
10. Euro Woven Stripe Decorative Throw Pillow Blue: This is a high-quality pillow for the price and we love the grid pattern.
11. Sage Green Colorblock Pillow Cover: I love the calm sage green color of this handmade color block pillow cover.
12. Pink Pillow Cover: To complement the other pink hues in the space, this pillow cover is your guy.
13. Angeleta Woven Throw Blanket: This is a solid, affordable throw blanket that would work well with a variety of styles.
14. Onslow Tray: A woven tray will provide warmth and a hint of bohemian flair to your space. If you want, you can place it on the floor next to a chair (as Em did) to provide a place for extra magazines or books.

1. Saqqara Pillow Cover in Albatross: This playful pattern pillow cover is available in a wide range of sizes so you can tailor it to your specific needs.
2. Ivory and Grey Grid Pillow Cover: Mixing pattern scales is essential to styling your sofa like a pro. We love this grid pattern that pairs so well with smaller patterns.
3. Knitted Throw Blanket: This throw blanket will add a nice pop of blue to your sofa or chair.
4. Solid Cotton Fringe Throw Pillow: We love when a solid color pillow has a fringe hem that adds texture and style.
5. Oversized Cotton Striped Square Throw Pillow: A classic stripe pillow looks good in any room.
6. Ceramic Candlestick: This totem candlestick holder is a really solid piece for the price and we love the speckled off-white detail.
7. Brice Mid-Century Ivory Ceramic Table Lamp: We love the wood accents on this Midcentury-inspired lamp.
8. Turquoise Speckled Round Pottery Bowl: This is a one-of-a-kind turquoise pottery bowl that would look good styled on any shelf.
9. Handmade Japanese Bowl: How stunning is this handmade Japanese bowl? And you cannot beat the price!
10. Button Fern: This fairly low-maintenance plant is pet-friendly and comes in this gorgeous turquoise pot.
11. Bonnie Grey Pillow: It is so important to mix and match different size pillows. This one comes in various sizes and has a lovely woven texture.
12. Priya Throw Pillow: Here is another neutral pillow with a ton of texture.
13. Periwinkle Blue White Lumbar Throw Pillow Cover: I love the blue paint splatter pattern on this pillow cover.
14. Elsa Reversible Woven Striped Chenille Square Throw Pillow: This pretty pink pillow has a subtle and oh-so-lovely stripe pattern.
15. Faux Bradford Pear Branch 50″: We are big advocates for going outdoors and foraging for branches but if you want an easier route, you can also buy faux branches like this one.
16. Black Terracotta Vase: This vase ties in the other black accents in the room and grounds the space.
17. Styled: What’s a coffee table without a GREAT design book?
18. The New Design Rules: One design book is never enough. Have you picked up Emily’s new book yet?
19. Suzanne Kasler Gourd Lamp: To complement the other light blue tones in the room, we love this lamp.

And there you have it, folks. Please let us know if you enjoy this type of post, and if you would like us to start a series. If so, what room would you like to see next? xx

*Photos by Tessa Neustadt