Moana Nursery provides gardening preparation tips as warm weather nears | News

As soon as warmer spring weather comes around, local gardeners swarm to plant nurseries around town to start their gardening endeavors.

The Plant Doctor at the Moana Nursery, Jon Bruyn, says Nevada is not an easy state to garden in because the weather patterns change every year.

But a lot of the plants they have in the nursery are chosen for the area we live in.

But as a plant doctor he says he loves the longer winter we’ve had because he doesn’t have to worry about water for his plants as much. He says, “The fact that it hasn’t warmed up hasn’t given the plants any false sense of spring or early budding and that causes greater damage.” The plant doctor says it’s nicer for plants when the weather gradually gets warmer as opposed to having an instantaneous heat wave, he mentions “That’s stressful for plants because usually that’s followed by snow or freezing temperatures later that month.”

With the cooler temperatures, there are some plants you can plant now, but there are others you should be more cautious about planting.

Some of the plants you can plant safely now are pansies, primroses and snapdragons. Some that you should hold off on planting are tomatoes, zucchinis and petunias.

The plant doctor says if you’re able to tend to your garden closely, you can plant the riskier plants in the colder months. He tells us “I planted geraniums yesterday, but I prepared to make adjustments for the forecast, and I pay attention to the weather.” But if you don’t have such a green thumb, it’s better to hold off and wait until the weather warms up for the summer season.