How To Style the Banana Republic Home Decor Collection in Your Home

Introducing Banana Republic Home

Banana Republic Home officially launched in the Fall of 2022 with the introduction of BR ART and expanded into new categories in March 2023. The home collection has various home decor pieces that are sophisticated with elegant accents. It includes premium luxury home decor, unique artwork, elegant bedding, and must-have throw pillows and blankets. The style embodies the classic Banana Republic brand that we all know and love but this time they have extended into luxury home decor.

Their collection is inspired by worldly travel after working with masterful makers and artisans. BR Home comes in various shades of warm earthy tones and muted hues. The perfect timeless color palette regardless of your personal home style. The San Francisco-based retailer features sustainable fabrics, such as fine European linen, soft cotton cashmere, and organic cotton. This will become your go-to place to shop for home decor essentials.

Cozy Throw Blankets For Your Living Room

One of the easiest ways to elevate a living room is by upgrading your throws. They are the most effective approach to transforming a house into a home. A throw pillow can add a lot of punch to living room seating, and hallway benches, and sofas. BR Home’s blankets are made of luxurious materials. Their blankets are made of linen, merino, and cashmere. The ultra-luxe materials will effortlessly make your living room look more elegant, while also maintaining the cozy vibe we all crave in our home.

Pillow Fabrics for your Living Room Couch


Looking for an extra touch of indulgence for your cozy nights? The linen throw is made with luxuriously heavyweight linen that has been garment-dyed for dimensional color and softness, even brief respites feel rich. It features a double-flange detail and an exposed brass zip closure with a leather pull. Plus, with a removable down-alternative insert, you can easily clean it with a simple machine wash. The insert cover is made of 100{b5e4caabb46945dac267f6fa1789e0b2b1831cce91f79b27f72a0de22e4bb018} cotton and the filling is a down alternative (100{b5e4caabb46945dac267f6fa1789e0b2b1831cce91f79b27f72a0de22e4bb018} polyester). Add a touch of luxury to your home with this linen throw pillow! Shop the European Linen Throw Pillow – $80


This indulgent and lustrous pillow is crafted using a wrapped construction, providing a stunning finish and ultimate softness against the skin. The exposed brass zip closure with a leather pull adds a touch of sophistication. With a removable down-alternative insert, cleaning is a breeze. The shell is made of cotton velvet, while the insert cover is 100{b5e4caabb46945dac267f6fa1789e0b2b1831cce91f79b27f72a0de22e4bb018} cotton and the filling is down alternative (100{b5e4caabb46945dac267f6fa1789e0b2b1831cce91f79b27f72a0de22e4bb018} polyester). To maintain its luxurious texture, simply dry clean. Add a touch of opulence to any room with this gorgeous velvet throw pillow from Banana Republic Home. Shop the Timeless Velvet Pillow – $80


Elevate your home decor with the exquisite texture of Banana Republic Home’s hand-carded merino throw pillow. These beautiful pillows are made from a mix of undyed Merino wool that is carded and woven by hand to create spectacular and irregular dimensions, making each piece truly unique. The specialized hand-carding process produces a luxuriously irregular effect that showcases the natural beauty of the Merino wool and the skilled hand of the maker. The front panel is made of 85{b5e4caabb46945dac267f6fa1789e0b2b1831cce91f79b27f72a0de22e4bb018} Merino wool and 15{b5e4caabb46945dac267f6fa1789e0b2b1831cce91f79b27f72a0de22e4bb018} cotton, while the back panel is crafted from 50{b5e4caabb46945dac267f6fa1789e0b2b1831cce91f79b27f72a0de22e4bb018} cotton, 35{b5e4caabb46945dac267f6fa1789e0b2b1831cce91f79b27f72a0de22e4bb018} linen, and 15{b5e4caabb46945dac267f6fa1789e0b2b1831cce91f79b27f72a0de22e4bb018} viscose with a canvas reverse panel. The lining is made of 100{b5e4caabb46945dac267f6fa1789e0b2b1831cce91f79b27f72a0de22e4bb018} cotton, and the insert cover and filling are down alternative (100{b5e4caabb46945dac267f6fa1789e0b2b1831cce91f79b27f72a0de22e4bb018} polyester). For maintenance, dry clean only. Handmade in India, this stunning throw pillow adds a touch of natural beauty to any room. Shop the Handcarded Merino Throw Pillow – $220

Other Decor To Compliment Your Couch

Colette’s go-to living room design hack is adding layers. And there’s no better way to do that than by adding a beautifully textured rug. Luckily, BR Home just released a beautiful collection of textured rugs. They’re made of natural textures inspired by artisan traditional designs. The rug collections include Moroccan Berber rugs, shag wool, modern flatweave, and so much more. See our favorite picks below!

The COCOCOZY team is thrilled to partner with BR Home. There are so many amazing pieces that will complement everyone’s home. We hope this blog helped inspire your next home decor shopping spree! Oh yeah… shop with Chirpyest to earn 7.5{b5e4caabb46945dac267f6fa1789e0b2b1831cce91f79b27f72a0de22e4bb018} cash back at Banana Republic!

Happy Shopping!