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Learning how to propagate herbs is the cheapest way to grow your herb collection, allowing you to get extra plants for free. What’s more, it’s incredibly rewarding to see tiny plants grow in size and develop lots of healthy green leaves that you can then snip off and use in your favorite recipes, drinks or even cocktails.

Of course, buying herb plants from the garden center is always an option if you’re short on time and need an instant fix for your herb garden, but if you’re willing to learn a new skill then propagating your own is worth the effort . “It’s rewarding to flex your green fingers with home propagation,” says fruit and vegetable expert Lucy Chamberlain. ‘As well as learning new skills, you’ll save yourself money and can quickly bulk up plants to share with like-minded friends.’

‘The likes of lavender and rosemary are easy to grow from cuttings, and it’s always worth doing as insurance against a harsh winter and to build up your planting stock – they often need replacing every few years,’ says Homes & Gardens contributing writer Camilla Phelps (opens in new tab). There are a few simple methods you can try to increase the number of plants in your herb garden this season.

planting rosemary and lavender cuttings in pots

Rosemary and lavender are excellent herbs to grow from cuttings

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Lucy Chamberlain

Lucy was a Horticultural Advisor at RHS Wisley and has been Head Gardener on a 100-acre estate in England for many years, but writes regularly for titles such as The Garden, Gardeners’ World, The Guardians and Amateur gardening. She’s also the author of RHS Step by Step Veg Patch, available from Amazon (opens in new tab)which covers 50 types of fruit and veg.

Methods for propagating herbs