Bloom Fest and Gardening Tips | News

BILLIGNS, Mont. – As the Roots Garden Center prepares for their third annual Bloom Fest this Saturday, the team there is busy setting out new shipments of plants, bulbs, garden tools, and just about anything else that relates to what you would need to get your landscape in tip -top condition.

They’re also busy answering questions from customers about what this recent weather swing in south-central Montana is going to do to their existing plants.

“‘Can I plant? What can I plant? How do I protect the things that I’ve already planted?’ Those are the three main questions that we’re getting,” explained co-owner, Jon Switzer. “As it gets down to below 30, potentially in the next couple of days, it’s not the end of the world for most plants. What can happen is that plants can get a little crispy from that because they’ll get some frosting on them .There’s frost blankets for that so we have that as an option.You can also pull stuff inside at night.The ground itself, too, is probably hovering around a constant 45 degrees right now and so plants are safe in the ground.”

A lot of gardening and landscaping is trial and error. And that’s ok. But Jon is emphatic about one specific spring faux pas.

“Don’t turn on your sprinklers yet,” Jon proclaimed loudly. “That’s one thing to know. The ground has enough saturation, we have enough water for a little while and we’ve still got some freezing temps. So particularly if you have some exposed pipes that come right out of the house, that’s the part that’s at risk. Those things can create a lot of damage. A lot of people are like oh my gosh the sun is out, we just had an 80 degree day, we need to turn on the sprinklers…it’s ok. Stuff has enough water in the ground to be pulled from it.”

If you’d like to ask Jon and his team more questions, or check out the 2023 edition of Bloom Fest at Roots Garden Center in Billings, you can head over this Saturday, April 15, from 9 am to 5 pm They will have more than 30 small business owners and hands, 4 food trucks, and thousands of blooms to choose from.

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