Best house and home apps on Android in 2023

Now that it’s getting chilly outside, satisfaction with your living space is more important than ever. Wide-scale renovations, redesigns, and relocations are often repellently complicated and unflatteringly expensive. Even with the best communication apps, organizing a big building project or moving is hard enough. Lucky for you, the Play Store offers a few nifty apps for these occasions, equipped to help you maintain your place of residence, contact and lease with building contractors, or get in touch with landlords. These great house and home apps are a good place to start if you’re ready to put a fresh coat of paint on things. All it takes is your favorite smartphone or an awesome Android tablet to get going.




For any home improvement, you’ll need a lot of help, and that’s where Thumbtack is a lifesaver. This nifty app provides a platform for contractors to advertise their services to locals looking to hire, offering an impressive variety of services like movers, builders, interior/exterior renovators, and even DJs. Thumbtack also compares prices from the most professional contractors with whoever you are considering, giving you all the information you need to make the best hiring decision. So if the prospect of organizing a great deal of complicated, overpriced renovations, Thumbtack has your back.

Zillow: Homes For Sale & Rent

Everyone knows that moving can be stressful and complicated, and Zillow is invaluable for taking the complicated stuff down several notches to help you find the perfect change of scenery. Listing millions of properties for both purchases and renting, Zillow ensures you’re always in the loop with constant updates on the latest deals in your area and beyond. The app also provides filters for school catchments, local stores/restaurants, and residential real estate experts to help you make the right choice. No details are left to chance, with options allowing you to speak directly to landlords about deposits, rents, pets, and more. Never feel in the dark and find a new fireplace with confidence.

Planta – Care for your plants

It’s always nice to brighten up your living space with some plant life, and Planta helps you maintain indoor flowers, saving you from killing them from dying. The app identifies your plant’s needs and provides instructions on its unique treatments. Even if you aren’t a hardened gardening expert, Planta tells you when your plant needs watering, repotting, and even what level of light is suitable. If you like having some healthy greenery growing up your window sills, Planta is your best bet for getting through the cold months with your petunias alive and kicking.

Looking for great homes in your area? has everything you’ll need, whether you’re looking for property to own or rent. The app provides extensive filters for variables such as room size, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, and commute times. You are given the tools to assess potential deal breakers such as neighbor noise, proximity to shops and restaurants, and flood risks, all without going to actual property. The app also enables 3D tours of properties and budgeting advice to save you time and money, so you can be sure that no stone is left unturned. If you think you’re ready to carry your sofa down the stairs, will help you find a place to put it down.

Kitchen Design: 3D Planner

Redesigning your kitchen is one of those things that you never get around to, but Kitchen Design: 3D Planner allows the next best thing. You can easily create a digital plan for your dream kitchen. Aspects such as material and color are available options, so you can experiment with what you like and don’t like the look of; without even looking at a paintbrush. Manifest whatever your heart desires, from a premade-themed template to an empty room to design from the ground up; the choice is yours. Get creative, and make those dreams a reality. Kitchen Design: 3D Planner is the first step to transform your real kitchen into something special.

Color Muse

Looking to match that weird shade of blue to a particular paint? Color Muse provides a solution. This great app scans flat surfaces and records their shade of a particular color, and then informs you of that shade’s name. Color shades can also be cross-referenced with similar shades of their type and show their exact differences. Color Muse is excellent when you need a shade of color that’s spot-on for your design to work. Leave nothing to chance and save on that painful search for specific paints. Highly recommended.

Tody – Smarter Cleaning

Maintaining your living space can be a daunting task, but having some structure can be a huge help, and Tody is the app to keep your cleaning on track. Tody keeps you motivated by providing clean reminders in order of importance rather than a random list. The app also takes advantage of the competitive members of the household by offering points for cleaning and turning annoying chores into a game. The specific jobs that your dwelling requires can be programmed into Tody so that everything you need to do can be tracked and kept on record. If you have a habit of procrastinating on cleaning tasks, Tody is a step in the right direction.

Puppr – Dog Training & Tricks

Sometimes a home just isn’t complete without a fluffy guardian to watch over it, and Puppr is a useful app for transforming your new or existing dog into a well-trained companion. The app provides a variety of information on all things to do with dog training, from the requirements of a new pup to teach an old dog new tricks. You have access to live chats with real dog trainers and video tutorials showing the proper way to care for your furry friend. It’s always cool to see a dog that knows its stuff, and Puppr lays out all the tools you’ll need to command with confidence.

Planner 5D: Design Your Home

If you want to get specific with your home improvement ideas, Planner 5D: Design Your Home provides tools and assets for managing your living space, business, furnishings, and renovations both indoors and outdoors. The app allows for both 2D constructions of floor plans and blueprints to lay the groundwork and 3D tools to bring those creations to life as well as exploring them. You are granted access to hundreds of assets to help build your vision, as well as galleries and furniture catalogs to help you make an informed choice. In conjunction with some handy business apps, Planner 5D: Design Your Home is a great choice if you’re looking to start a small business enterprise. Plan your future with new structures, furnishings, and even new landscapes, all from the comfort of your couch.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Sometimes you need a little inspiration for the kind of renovations you want, and Houzz Interior Design Ideas is perfect for this. With over 25 million photos of various interior and exterior locations, with countless designs and aesthetics, this app is ideal for browsing and finding the specific look you want. If you need advice about which looks would fit your home best, the app provides a platform for discussing your ideas with other Houzz Interior Design Ideas users. This is also a one-stop shop for seeking out professionals in home improvement and renovation, from architectural specialists to construction staff. Planning your home renovation has never been easier with apps like Houzz Interior Design Ideas.

Your dream home is on the Play Store

The best aspect of modern apps is the ability to make things that were once difficult much easier. House maintenance and transitions can be a highly stressful endeavor, potentially harmful to one’s mental health. That’s why these apps are so essential; there’s nothing like a little help to make a complicated problem less stressful. The added application of some truly superb Android phones, with their potable nature, makes conversing and communicating with clients a cinch. With some of the best Android apps around, it’s never been easier to create and remake a home.