An Idyllic Swedish Country House With a Party Barn!

Ever dream about moving to the Swedish countryside? Or somewhere rural near you? What makes me tempted is the nature (of course) but also how much space you get! Take this wonderful house near Hjälmaren (Sweden’s fourth largest lake= – with its own party barn and workshop. Imagine? The interior has been impeccably decorated in an array of earthy tones and bold wallpaper. It’s amazing what a splash of paint can do – something particularly noticeable in the kitchen where the cabinets, island and architrave has been painted in the same dramatic deep blue / grey tone. I have also always loved the idea of having a sofa in the kitchen – so sociable and cosy! Ready to feel inspired? 


I have to say, this house looks so familiar. I have shown SO many interior on here that it’s hard to keep up – even if I have featured it many moons ago, it’s well worth revisiting and this time round it’s on the market via Historiska Hem – so someone’s dream to move to the country is about to come true! Could it be you? 

Per would absolutely love that workshop. And imagine the parties you could have? So much fun! 

Speaking of the countryside, I discovered a new channel on Swedish TV yesterday – ‘Den Stora Älgvandringen’ (‘The Great Elk Trek’) – a channel purely dedicated to following the elk migration in real time through a series of hidden cameras in the North of Sweden. It’s in its fifth season and has a cult following. I watched it for about ten minutes last night and absolutely nothing happened – no elk, no deer, not even a bird! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I think you may need a fair amount of patience to enjoy it! Swedish Psychologist have put its popularity down to being a perfect antidote to the fast paced life we lead. 

That said, if you live in a house like this one, I’m sure you’d spot passing elk every now and again! 

Happy Lillördag (little Saturday)!