10 crops for rapid results |

Fast-growing vegetables can give you results quickly and simply. When some vegetables can take a long time to grow, you can easily get impatient. This is where you utilize quick-growing vegetables.

If you are thinking of when to plant vegetables, planting speedy crops will give you harvests while you wait for other slower-growing crops. Also, by growing these fast-growing vegetable plants successionally it can mean a continuous supply of homegrown produce all through the season.

The likes of micro-greens, salad leaves, and radishes can give you rapid results with crops in just a few weeks and many of the fastest-growing crops are simple to grow, even for a beginner gardener. I have grown all of these quick-growing vegetables in the kitchen gardens that I worked in during my time as a professional gardener. I found it very rewarding to sow the seeds, watch them grow, and then get a harvest in such a short period of time.

A selection of vegetables in a wire basket

Sowing fast growing vegetable plants can fill gaps as other slower crops develop

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10 fast-growing vegetables to add to your veg plot